Supervision: Building Clinical and Professional Skills

Behind every great therapist is the support of their supervisor.

As professionals, we know how important it is to embrace a growth mindset. That’s why supervision is the best investment you can make in your ongoing learning and development journey. Your supervisor is a sounding board, mentor, and career coach. Supervision gives you a safe and confidential space for building clinical and professional skills, developing and defining learning goals, and reflecting on your experience.

Every supervisor at Allay Occupational Therapy is specially trained to support you and the unique challenges you face as a therapist. We put particular emphasis on sustainability because we know how important it is to build resilience and protect your mental health throughout a career helping others. We tailor our programs to your needs, offering one-on-one, face to face or telehealth supervision to suit you.



What to Expect from Supervision?

Supervision ensures high quality standards of practice, optimum client outcomes, and building of resilience via the maintenance of a supported and skilled workforce, through a formal process of supervision.

Regular meetings with a supervisor are beneficial for therapists at any stage in their career and can bring just as much value to an experienced therapist, as it can for a recent graduate. Regardless of your experience level, supervision offers you the support to identify your goals and career aspirations, to develop knowledge, skills, and competence to thrive as an individual and in your teams.

Your supervisor will work with you to identify the aspects of your practice you’d most like to work on. Together as reflective learners, you’ll explore how your experience as a therapist can help inform and grow your practice going forward. Your goals will guide the direction of supervision to get the most value out of every session.


Through regular supervision, you can expect to:

  • Reflect on your journey as a therapist
  • Build your clinical and professional skills
  • Gain tools and resources to help you provide your clients with exceptional services
  • Grow your knowledge base and confidence
  • Develop and define your professional learning goals
  • Feel supported and empowered to tackle career challenges
  • Manage emotional fatigue to promote your psychological safety and avoid burnout
  • Reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness experienced by independent therapists
  • Consult about specific clients as you face new and unfamiliar situations
  • Ask questions you have about best practices and protocols

Why Choose Allay Occupational Therapy for Your Supervision?

At Allay Occupational Therapy, we know that high-quality supervision can significantly impact you and your practice. Our professional and clinical supervision program is tailored to your needs, whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional looking to take your career to the next level.

We believe in reflective practice to help you learn and grow from your experience and build a bright future as a practitioner. Your empowerment and career sustainability are our top priority, helping you overcome the day-to-day challenges of the profession and look to the future of your practice.