Animal Assisted Therapy

Accredited Animal Assisted Therapy and Occupational Therapy constructively blends animals into the therapeutic environment to facilitate change, achieve functional goals and promote positive outcomes. Utilising the input of an animal to create a trusting and safe environment, decrease anxiety and bolster engagement in interventions.


What is the role of an Allay Occupational Therapist?

Animal assisted therapy is a goal driven intervention approach with the animal holding an integral role in therapy. Either with family animals or Allay’s therapist dog Ringo, assessment and intervention will be implemented to address individual goals, such as accessing the community, increasing social and emotional wellbeing or understanding the therapeutic potential of the family dog.

Ringo our Allay therapist dog, is a cream Labrador who works alongside his Occupational Therapist handler. They have completed a six day intensive course by Lead the Way to become accredited in the provision of Animal Assisted Therapy services.


Who might see an Allay Occupational Therapist for Animal Assisted Therapies?

A variety of people may benefit from therapy incorporating animals to support participation and satisfaction in daily activities. As a foundation, Animal Assisted Therapy may increase spontaneity in the sessions, encourage independence, support motivation and build self-esteem. Additionally, goals may include:

  • Social and emotional wellbeing,
  • Stress and anxiety,
  • Social skills,
  • Every day activities,
  • Difficulties related to Autism,
  • ADHD and Sensory Processing,
  • Community engagement.

What is the background to Animal Assisted Therapies in Occupational Therapy?

Research into Animal Assisted Therapy is overwhelmingly positive in its belief that using animals in therapy is highly effective across a wide variety of symptoms, conditions and ages. Canine assisted therapy has been found to be particularly effective with physical, cognitive, and behavioral therapy programs. Showing that developing a bond with an animal promotes self-worth, self-esteem and trust.