Secret Agent Society: A Group Program to Improve Social Skills

by Apr 6, 2020

Imagine an interactive puzzle game.

Now add in a group of friends and take that puzzle into a 3-D environment. Does that sound like fun?

This is the idea behind Secret Agent Society (SAS) Group Program, tailored to children who have difficulty socialising. Captivating children by the fun of the challenge, whilst allowing social skill development.  

SAS is for children aged between 8 and 12 with emotional, social or behavioural challenges. It is a proven therapeutic intervention to help children improve their social functioning, identify feelings, regulate their bodies and positive behaviour strategies. All disguised as a game!  

What is Secret Agent Society (SAS)?

SAS is an evidence-based, multimedia program to help children improve their emotional and social resilience. Masked as a fun game, the program revolves around espionage-themed games and activities and eye-catching resources.

One of the major benefits of the Secret Agent Society is its flexibility. A child who participates in the program can benefit from any combination of the following components:

  • Small Group Program Sessions: Also called “Child Club Meetings” these sessions occur weekly and include an SAS Cadet Handbook, board games and gadget pack.
  • Multi-Level Computer Game: After the end of the sessions, the learning doesn’t stop. This fun computer game educates children on handling social challenges, distinguishing emotions in others and in themselves, and properly communicating their feelings. It also helps kids excel in club meeting activities – as well as keep them motivated.
  • Take-Home Missions: Missions encourage children to develop and practice new skills in real-life settings.
  • Parent Information Sessions: Information sessions are included for parents as well as a presentation guide and an SAS workbook.
  • Tip Sheets for Teachers: These tip sheets help to keep teachers in the loop and provide advice about supporting new skills application in the playground and classroom.
  • Skill Tracker Card: Parents and teachers monitor a child’s progress, with Skill Tracker Cards to acknowledge the child applying their learnt skills in real-world settings. This promotes skill practice through positive reinforcement and enhances learning outcomes in real-life settings.

The program works best when offered as a complete package, but it is also possible to use some resources without others. Flexibility and catering to individual needs is a top priority.

Secret Agent Society: Evidence and Results

The Secret Agent Society has accumulated a large body of independent research supporting its efficacy.

The program is most beneficial for children between the ages of 8 and 12 with a range of social and emotional challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), anxiety, ADHD, anger management, or other general challenges involving social interactions.

The SAS Group Program has been used effectively in hospitals, schools, and clinical environments to address these issues. The main benefits reported are as follows:

  • Improvements in emotion regulation and social skills
  • Reduction in child anxiety
  • Improvements in student behaviour
  • Enhanced parent and teacher self-efficacy
  • Sustained improvements

Currently, the program has produced the greatest improvements in social skills for children with ASD than any other clinical intervention in the world, even bringing 76% of children studied into the typically developing range for some social skills.

Find Out if Secret Agent Society is Right for Your Child

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