Supporting Older Person’s Mental Health with Occupational Therapy

by May 27, 2020

As we get older we have amassed many life experiences, often giving us a wisdom and confidence that we have not had earlier in life. Having positive mental health and wellbeing is important at any age, including our senior years, to realise our capacity in our homes, social activities and community.   

There are many experiences that make life interesting and fun but there are also times when things get too much or are stressful. This can happen at any time in your life but there are some challenges unique in later life.  Adult children can move away from home, starting their families in distant places, we may finish our work life and be transitioning into retirement, finances can become stretched, we may lose  a loved one or we may experience failing health or memory difficulties. These experiences and others can pose a challenge to maintaining our mental resiliency and emotional wellbeing.

Whether you have had lifelong struggles with mental health and are looking for some support leading into your senior years. Or the challenges associated with ageing have become overwhelming and you are looking for assistance with feelings of isolation and being disconnected from other people. Or potentially you may be experiencing a complex mix of medical conditions which are affecting your physical wellbeing, but also your thinking and feeling. 

In these cases you may be looking for someone who will work with you across a number of your concerns and keep at it until you feel back in charge of your thinking and have strategies to assist with any ongoing difficulties.

Experience Occupational Therapy with Allay 

Allay works hard to keep abreast of changes or new developments in the mental health area.  We use a broad range of assessments so we can choose the ones that are right in your situation to help us work out together with you, what may be contributing to any difficulties you are experiencing. Your Occupational Therapist will work with you to choose ideas and strategies which will work in your situation and if they aren’t right will persist to sort them out.  Finally, if you are needing a report we are able to provide a professional and timely document tailored to your needs.

Becoming a Part of the Allay Family

At Allay we have Occupational Therapists who have a commitment to working with you and being led by your own values and beliefs. We love a story and have great respect for looking back through history, recounting changes experienced, Guiding strategies and plans to realise your potential as you reach your senior years.

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