Group Therapy Program: Balance Your Wellbeing Through Movement

Welcome to Allay Occupational Therapy. We invite you to discover the powerful interplay between movement and emotional wellbeing in our unique group therapy program, Movement for Minds.

Join our Movement for Minds Group:

  • A group for adults and young adults
  • Facilitated by experienced Occupational Therapists in Geelong
  • Term 4 2023

Have you ever considered the impact of physical activity on your emotional state? In our program, you will delve into this fascinating connection, exploring a variety of alerting and calming exercises. Our goal is to provide you with a toolbox of strategies that help achieve an optimal state of engagement, enhancing your ability to manage life’s daily stresses.

Our group therapy approach offers an enriching environment that promotes positive social communication and collaboration. Together, you will engage in activities designed to nurture your emotional and physical health while fostering a sense of community.

Navigating life’s challenges will become easier with a toolbox of strategies. Allowing you to deal with stress at home, in the community or at work or study. Our program is designed to provide practical, applicable strategies that empower you.

With Allay Occupational Therapy, you’re not just part of a therapy group, but a supportive community of individuals committed to bettering their emotional wellbeing through purposeful movement.

In the Program you will have:

  • Understand mind-body connection and optimal engagement
  • Build a toolbox of body awareness and movement strategies
  • Practice strategies and embed into your lives

Embark on a journey towards balanced living today. Discover the power of movement and its transformative impact on your emotional wellbeing. We’re here to guide and support you every step of the way. Let’s move, connect, and flourish together.