Pricing Schedule

At Allay Occupational Therapy, we are committed to providing high-quality, individualised, and innovative occupational therapy services.

Our fees reflect the expert care, personalised attention, and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches that we utilise to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

We strive to make our services accessible while maintaining the highest standards of professional practice.

Funding at Allay Occupational Therapy

Understanding your funding options can make accessing occupational therapy services easier.

Costs at Allay

  • Initial Session: $200
  • Ongoing Sessions – Extended: $200
  • Ongoing Sessions – Brief: $100
  • Administration of an Assessment: $200 per assessment
  • Write a Report or Program: $200 per hour

Travel Charges: 

  • Within 20 km radius: $50 
  • Beyond 20 km: Quote according to distance 

    For individualised fee advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at Allay. We are committed to helping you navigate these options to make occupational therapy accessible for you or your family.

      Creating Resources

      At times, there may be a resource that will help in your day.

      Some examples of a resource are:

      • Social story
      • Visual schedule
      • School or kinder strategies

      When a resource may help your day, your OT might:

      • Ask you to create it and we can show you how to use it in a session
      • Create it with you in a session
      • Ask you to gather some photos or pictures for your OT to create it
      • Ask a support worker, family, or friend to create it with you
      • Create it for you

      If your OT creates your resource for you, we will try to make it unique for you and your family, to help you as much as possible in your day.

      With help from you or your supports, we will also try and create it in a reasonable amount of time. The time it takes will be invoiced.

      Below is a summary of common resources and the time it is expected to take to create them.

      Sometimes a resource is a little more detailed and will require more time.

      Before we create something, we will talk to you about the time needed.


      Resource   Type   Time to Create  
      Social story   Template   30 minutes  
      New or individualised   60 minutes  
      Hard copy – e.g., laminating and binding   + 20 minutes  
      Visual schedule   Template   15 minutes  
      New or individualised   30 – 60 minutes  
      Hard copy – e.g., laminating, cutting, Velcro   + 20 minutes  
      Video Self Modelling   Video editing   15 – 30 minutes 
      Handouts   Template   15 minutes  
      Handouts   New or individualised   30 – 60 minutes  
      Session prep   If needed   10 minutes  
      Session note writing   10 minutes  
      Report writing   First and last page, not invoiced. Each page is approximately 30 minutes of time  Quotable