The Power of Neuroplasticity and Polyvagal Theory

Welcome to the Learning Power of Neuroplasticity and Polyvagal Theory Course 

Embark on a transformative journey with our cutting-edge course, focusing on the powerful applications of neuroplasticity and Polyvagal Theory. This evidence-based program explores the brain’s remarkable capabilities for change and the deep connections between neurophysiology and behavior, revealing how these theories can revolutionize our understanding and support of emotional, social, behavioral, and cognitive functioning. 


Course Dates:

Melbourne, October 28th 2024: Treacy Centre, Parkville 

Geelong, October 25th 2024: Eastern Hub, East Geelong 

Early Bird: $350 until August 31st 

Regular Registration: $385 

Course Overview 

Our course is designed to empower clinicians to innovate their therapeutic approaches by bridging groundbreaking neuroscience with real-world clinical practice. Participants will gain strategies to positively influence brain adaptability and mental health, manage stress, foster secure attachments, and improve social engagement. 


Key Focus Areas: 

Neuroplasticity: Understand the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, and how this can be harnessed in therapeutic settings. 

Polyvagal Theory: Explore the role of the vagus nerve in regulating emotional and social responses, and learn techniques to enhance client well-being. 

Therapeutic Applications: Discover practical strategies to integrate these theories into clinical practice, enhancing therapeutic outcomes. 

Join Us and You Will Be a Part Of: 

  •     Interactive learning sessions 
  •     Expert-led discussions 
  •     Practical resources and toolkits 
  •     Networking opportunities with fellow professionals 


Joanne McIntyre, Occupational Therapist, MS (Psych), PhD Candidate. Over 30 years of clinical experience. Board Certified in Neurofeedback; HRV Biofeedback; SIPT cert; iLs and SSP trainer, and host of the Safe and Sound Protocol Podcast: A Polyvagal Informed Therapy 


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Advance your professional skills and make a lasting difference in the lives and well-being of your clients. Join us to explore the transformative potential of neuroplasticity and Polyvagal Theory.